Instructions for viewing LandScan™ 2016 Sample Data using ESRI ArcMap 9.2 (and higher)

  • Download the sample data file (52KB)
  • Open ESRI ArcMap
  • Click the "add data" button
  • Select the "cyprus_2016.lyr" layer file

You are ready to preview the LandScan data.

LandScan sample Cyprus 2016 data image.
LandScan sample Cyprus 2016 data image.

NOTE: The table contains two data fields:

Value: the number of people (not density) per cell
Count: the number of cells that contain the same number of people

The data resolution is 30 arc seconds. The coordinates are Geographic WGS84.

If you use an older version of ESRI software (i.e., 3.x or other) and need assistance loading the data, please contact LandScan User Services.